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This page is divided into websites and research related to bipolar disorder in general, and those related to medications.
These are the best websites on Bipolar Disorder on the Internet. All of them are great resources with extensive links to articles and other websites -- so extensive that these few websites alone will link you to practically everything on the Internet related to bipolar disorder (including our group). Be sure to bookmark them!

 Bipolar Website

This is probably the best and most comprehensive website devoted entirely to Bipolar Disorder. It is maintained by Kimberly Bailey, a former member of BPrayer, and Marcia Purse, who is bipolar.

McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web

This a terrific website with many thoughtful, in-depth articles summarizing all kinds of research on Bipolar Disorder and medications. It is maintained by John McManamy, who is bipolar.

Dr. Ivan's Depression Central

This excellent website, one of the earliest dealing with the topic, has probably hundreds of pages on anything remotely related to depression and Bipolar Disorder. What I like is that you can click on a subject and read a collection of research abstracts from Pub Med, going back many years, which would take hours to find if you were doing the searching yourself.


A wealth of information regarding anything having to do with mental health. ________________________________________________________________________ LINKS TO RECENT RESEARCH AND ARTICLES ABOUT BIPOLAR DISORDER __________________________________________________________________________

Bipolar 1 and 2 Research & Information

Dopamine and Other Neurotransmitters

Depression, Mania, and Dopamine

A Great Mood Chart to download!



Some Good Medications Websites


I like this website because it not only gives a lot of information about medications, but provides a lot of patient "testimonials", both good and bad, with ratings. These are categorized according to what the medication is prescribed for -- for example, lamictal is rated by those using it for bipolar disorder in one section, and by those using it as an anticonvulsant in another. What is especially interesting is the variety of reactions patients have to a given medication -- it is clear that a single medication can have very different effects on different people. Also, you get an idea of what side effects to look out for.


This is a quirky website created by Jerod Poore, who is bipolar, among other things. Jason is very witty and has made me laugh out loud more than once. He gives a lot of good information about side effects and off-label uses, and what to expect from various medications and classes of medications, particularly for bipolar disorder. He also tells you how to wean off medications safely, with your doctor's supervision.

The Good Drug Guide

This site is widely linked. The homepage is a bit surprising, but interesting, and it has a lot of research on various medications and drugs, legal and illegal.



Dopamine Agonists for Bipolar Depression

Lamictal: A Depression Mood Stablizer

Lithium alone & with other medications

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