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Why do I have to include information and agree to guidelines?

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The things we discuss are very private and personal. We want to know who we are speaking to when we post -- people who truly understand as no one else can. We also ask that you include information about your situation in your signature so that we can keep track of who is who.

It is very important also that our group is truly a haven of comfort and security. Members must agree not to make doctrinal issues into something that could create division in the list. Members must also feel free to post about things that concern them, whether or not they are bipolar related -- good movies or books, joys, prayer needs -- without being told they are "off topic".

Because we must feel free to express ourselves openly, especially when we are feeling frustrated, without offending anyone with bipolar disorder, we must know that there are no members who themselves have bipolar disorder.

Finally, we need a name to call you by, even if not your real one, simply because when we welcome you to the group we don't want to say "Hey, you!"

All of these things have helped us create a harmonious, flame-free environment where everyone feels safe and free to share both joys and disappointments.

Visitors since 8/2004.